Employee Benefits Services

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Our commitment to you:

We deliver a level of service that’s unmatched in the industry. From Benefits analysis, plan implementation, education of clients and their employees to ongoing personal support, we will be with you every step of the way to ensure that your organization gets the most from the plans chosen as well as from our office.

Our role as your Broker:

Once appointed or authorized, we will collect all the information necessary to perform a market survey/analysis. Unlike the marketing of some lines of insurance, the marketing of Employee Benefits can be handled by one broker. As your competent broker we will contact as many as 30 insurance carriers, depending on the size of your company in determining the competitiveness of your program(s). It is false to suggest the more brokers involved in conducting a survey, the better the results. Insurance companies who underwrite benefit programs will only recognize one broker per line of coverage per client, and hence, multiple brokers will duplicate efforts, not results.

Service and communication flow from one reliable source, your Broker. This will minimize advisor contacts and conflicting objectives that often result when dealing with multiple suppliers and advisors on your insurance needs.

Unbiased is the key word to summarize the recommendations made by your Broker at Kilbride & Harris Insurance Services, LLC. — Our first obligation is to our clients.  This is truly where we prove our worth. We feel that it is our responsibility to keep you in the most competitive insurance program year in and year out. We provide validation on all lines of insurance regardless of “rate holds”.

Your ultimate security and satisfaction will rest upon your confidence in your Broker’s ability to thoroughly research, innovate and make recommendations that are the best the market place has to offer.

Do you know we can become your broker of record at anytime and all that changes is who you work with and the services you receive?