Disability Products – Short Term & Long Term

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Disability Insurance is insurance protection that protects your paycheck in the event of your disability from an illness or injury. After a waiting period has been satisfied, a percentage of your paycheck or a fixed amount of money per week or month will be payable to you as long as you remain disabled. Studies have shown working age adults are much more likely to suffer from a lengthy disability in a given year than to suffer death. Most individuals carry some life insurance, but unless it is offered at work, most adults have little if any disability insurance coverage. Without disability coverage, your employees could be left with no income to pay their bills.

Kilbride & Harris Insurance Services, LLC can work with the employer to design plans that will meet the needs of everyone involved.

Short-Term Disability Coverage:

  • Pays a fixed weekly amount or a set percentage of income
  • Waiting periods from one to fifteen days
  • Benefits periods to fifty-two weeks
  • Coordinates with Long-Term Care

Long-Term Disability Coverage:

  • Pays a set percentage of employee’s regular income
  • Coordinates to pick up after Short-Term coverage ends
  • Variable plan design protects your employees and your company
  • Coordinates with Long-Term Care

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