Claims Management Services

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Claims and incidents should be reported directly to Kilbride & Harris Insurance (possibly concurrent with a report to the company). We want to be informed we can coordinate the process. We will contact the appropriate insurance company personnel and work together with you to monitor the insurer’s handling of the claim. ┬áThe Result? A timely and appropriate resolution.

We encourage a mid year analysis of open claims to ensure a follow through of established strategy. This review would take place at least once a year prior to the calculation of any experience modification factors.

As your advocate, our role in the claims relationship boils down to a few key steps. We strongly recommend that we review all claims, reserves and claim dispositions. This enables us to identify any critical claims while monitoring the outstanding reserves, to assure proper reserving.

Also, prior to your renewal we will take a critical look at your claims history and so we can promulgate a tentative experience modification factor to help you better-forecast future insurance costs.