Risk Assesment and Coverage Analysis

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“Risk” is dynamic while insurance protection is often static.

A team that will include a customer service agent and an account executive will serve you. Together, with the customer as a “strategic partner”, the following protection and services will be delivered:

  • Exposure Identification and Evaluation
  • The Analysis of your Risk Retention Capacity
  • Insurance Program Design
  • Verification of ALL requested New and Renewal Policy Terms, Conditions, Rates and Premiums
  • New Acquisition or Merger Exposure identification
  • The Review of your Contracts (Indemnification and Insurance Requirements)
  • The Monitoring of Insurance Company Services
  • The Monitoring of Insurer Security
  • Insurance Company Liaison Activities (i.e. Troubleshooting)
  • Day-to-day Insurance and Risk Management Advice
  • The Preparation of Insurance Certificates
  • Annual Servicing Planning
  • In Depth Annual account Review

Exposure Identification and Evaluation:

Our review will include an analysis of exposures to loss and current protection. From this analysis, we develop both insurance and non-insurance options, for handling the exposures to loss and make the appropriate recommendations.

During the course of the policy term we monitor the effectiveness of the techniques we have implemented and recap any significant activities, problems and achievements for the inundate preceding year and discuss projected expenses and plans for the coming year.

Significant claims activity will be discussed as well as the aggregate loss data for each line of coverage. Strategy will be reviewed for all open claims.

Renewal Comparison:

This is one of the most intangible yet more invaluable services we offer our customers. Prior to the renewal, we analyze the total premium figures and compare the renewal rates, exposures and modification factors to the previous year’s figures. This allows the customer the ability to make an educated comparison of their insurance program.