Strategic Health Care Medical Malpractice Program (SHC)

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A Strategic Alliance of Independent Physicians in New England since 1992

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Strategic Health Care, Inc. is a strategic alliance of approximately 400 independent physicians in New England who have joined together to form an association that uses its purchasing power to provide its members with the most competitive medical malpractice protection available.

 The result?

  • A unique and time tested medical liability protection program available to quality physician practices in New England
  • Insurance costs that are far less than you and your group practice can obtain on your own
  • The same competitive benefits enjoyed by larger clinics and hospitals
  • The financial stability of an A.M. Best A (Excellent) rated carrier
  • Exclusive, customized risk management programs
  • Aggressive claims management and superior legal support when you need it most
  • Local interests of physicians served well by a governing board of physician peers from both primary care and specialty backgrounds

Professional Liability Insurance Program Benefits

As the healthcare environment continues to consolidate and put pressure on the independent physician, the Strategic Health Care program is well positioned to help coordinate risk management and claims management services while offering a discounted premium for those who practice quality medicine. Effective risk management practices will logically translate into lower medical malpractice liability costs.

Unique Physician-Managed Program

Our governing Board of Directors is comprised primarily of physician peers – practicing physicians from both primary care and specialty backgrounds. Board members are aware of their colleagues’ concerns and make recommendations for program enhancements.

Significant Benefits and Premium Savings

Our membership size, coupled with the high quality of medicine our physicians practice, allows Strategic Health Care, Inc. to negotiate for the competitive benefits enjoyed by larger multi-specialty clinics and hospital systems.

The pricing and coverage our program offers is the most competitive medical malpractice program available for our membership – members must demonstrate that they practice quality medicine and have a favorable loss history to join.

Program Partnerships

Since 2003, Strategic Health Care, Inc. has teamed with Coverys, a trusted and highly rated (A Excellent) carrier in the healthcare liability industry.

We are represented by the medical liability insurance experts at Kilbride & Harris Insurance Services, LLC. (K&H). For over 20 years, they have worked with Strategic Health Care to provide its members with the most competitive medical malpractice insurance program available in the marketplace.

The law firm of Sulloway & Hollis, recognized by its peers for excellence in medical malpractice claim defense for the past 50 years, is the counsel chosen to guide our organization.

Claims Management

We advocate strongly for members who have claims. The Strategic Health Care claims process is aggressively managed to help mitigate nuisance allegations and to direct a well-coordinated defense from the inception of a potential lawsuit.

Strategic Health Care has established a unique relationship with Coverys that allows our physician Claims Committee to monitor and provide input to the claims process while maintaining the individual physician’s full consent to settle a claim. The Claims Committee meets regularly to review all incidents and open claims with help from Coverys, Sulloway and Hollis legal counsel, and Kilbride & Harris Insurance. This helps provide the optimal result for our physicians members. We are able to provide Coverys with unique insights on the medical issues involved with claims and the local standard of care.

Risk Management

Strategic Health Care works with Coverys and Kilbride & Harris Insurance Services, LLC to develop exclusive, customized risk management programs to help our members further save on premiums and practice risk averse medicine. Our risk management programs are driven by the specific claims experiences of Strategic Health Care.

Office-based assessments, traditionally available only to larger group practices, help evaluate member practices against industry standards. We also provide online risk management programs specific to Strategic Health Care that result in further cost savings and continuing medical education credit.

Enrollment is now open in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island for qualified physicians. Please call us at 877-774-7919.